Easy Project Management Solution for Roofers and Insurance Restoration Professionals

Tego - Photos, Work Orders, Communications, Invoices, Estimates, all in one place.

Tego is your streamlined solution to store, access, and share the essential information on all your restoration projects. Tego’s simple, straightforward layout will save you time and headaches, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: selling and managing jobs! You don’t need another thing to do; you need a tool to help you get things done. You’ve found it in Tego.

Go the easy way or the hard way.


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Tego keeps your team organized from contract signing to payment collection, and everything in between.  Tego uses an intuitive interface to capture and store all your quotes, pictures, materials invoices, employee hours and subcontractor labor, and any other job specific documents you might have. Job revenue and costs are easily entered and accessed to show your profitability, and a Job Status is given to every job to always keep you focused on the next step. And your information can be accessed by anyone on your team, at any time, from multiple devices, from virtually anywhere.

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Tego gives your management team a quick and clean graphic display of KEY business metrics like Accounts Receivable and Gross Profit.  Your information can be arranged by fields such as date and employee. For a more in-depth view, many of Tego’s simple screens can be exported to an Excel file for further analysis.  Once you complete a project, the Tego job drops from your immediate view, but all the information stays with you!  A simple search grants you complete access to the job should you have customer comments or need to investigate a warranty claim down the road.

Tego is built to capture all your information in one place and enable you to share it with whoever you designate.  Upload your quotes and email them to customers or adjusters.  Create work orders or purchase orders and send them to vendors.  Send instructions to a member of your production team.  All actions and notes are stored for later reference, and email replies are captured in Tego’s notes section as well! Adding flexibility, you can use any web enabled device to email free form notes or documents into your job. Tego’s communication audit trail allows anyone on your team to quickly get up to speed on the activities on any job.  This means less confusion and happier customers!


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